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A Bicycle For Your Mind

Like Jobs and Gates, we believe the PC is one of the most remarkable tools humans have ever created. Great tools improve with time. They don’t go away.
Many common computing tasks, such as number crunching, data storage, and communications have shifted to the Internet. As a result, a very low cost computer – with access to the Internet – can be just as valuable as a much more expensive computer.
APC was born from our love of computers and our realization that the PC needs a fundamental redesign. The redesign that we offer is a computer that is more accessible, and more valuable, because you’re not paying for functions that you don’t need and won’t be using.
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
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$49 Android PC System

APC was not built like an ordinary PC. For openers, we started with an awareness that the purpose of a computer is to connect to the Internet. It is the Internet that now defines computing. When you begin here, magic happens.
Expensive, overpowered CPUs and bloated software are no longer relevant. With this awareness, we were able to drop power consumption to the point of making an energy-saving light-bulb jealous.

Technical Details

APC runs a custom Android system, built for keyboard and mouse input. A basic selection of applications is preinstalled. Also included is a full set of consumer I/O ports, enabling APC to connect to your PC monitor or TV.
We have compiled a list of answers to common questions.
Item Description
Model APC 8750
Software Android 2.3 (PC System)
Chip VIA 800MHz Processor
Memory DDR3 512MB Memory
2GB NAND Flash
Graphics Built-in 2D/3D Graphic
Resolution up to 720p
Input and Output HDMI
USB 2.0 (x4)
Audio out / Mic in
microSD Slot
Network 10/100 Ethernet
Size 170 x 85mm (W x H)
Neo-ITX Standard*
* Neo-ITX is form factor compatible with Mini-ITX and MicroATX
APC Outlines

Pre-order Soon

APC Packaging
We will be accepting pre-orders soon and anticipate APC will ship early July, 2012.
If you would like to be notified when APC is released, please leave us your email address:

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More Answers Added to FAQ

We have continued to be inundated with questions about APC, so we have updated the FAQ to include more answers to some of the common questions missing from the list. Keep your questions coming and we will be sure to keep updating the list with your inquiries.
Check out the updated FAQ page here: http://apc.io/faq/.

For More Information


For customer support, email help@apc.io.

Business Inquiries

If you are a retailer or are ordering for a business, educational, or other organization, email sales@apc.io.


APC is warrantied against defects in material or workmanship for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event that your APC develops a problem, email help@apc.io with a detailed description of the issue.


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Press and Media

Access APC movies, images, and press releases at VIA APC Gallery.

Press Release

May 22, 2012
VIA Initiates APC: The $49 Android PC
APC integrates memory, storage, and a full set of consumer I/O features in a small footprint Neo-ITX motherboard that can be connected to a TV or monitor.

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