tisdag 11 september 2012

Welcome to Digital-Direction.com

Welcome to Digital-Direction.com

Welcome to Digital Direction, your source for Outsourced Telecom Management.

We help CIO’s, IT Directors and IT departments manage telecommunications by serving as their Outsourced Telecom Management team.

Our Outsourced Telecom Management (OTM) solution enables us to acquire, provision, and support corporate telecommunications environment. OTM lifecycle capabilities include ordering and provisioning, inventory management, invoice auditing, expense management, contract and rate negotiation, and trouble ticket and billing helpdesk services.

Our unique mix of people includes Advisors with experience managing Fortune 2000 customers for major carriers and advocates with an average of 20+ years of back office carrier experience enabling Digital Direction to deliver an unmatched mix of cost control and operational efficiency for our customers.

Perhaps most important, our customers receive an advocacy based solution with guaranteed results averaging 25% reduction in total telecom spend, no sales “pitch” and substantially improved operational efficiency. Digital Direction is a company absolutely dedicated to helping customers reduce their telecom spend, leverage their communications environment, and creates a single point of contact for experienced advice and dedicated customer advocacy. 

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