måndag 10 september 2012

Welcome to HP's Discover Performance Community for Security & Risk Leaders

Welcome to HP's Discover Performance Community for Security & Risk Leaders

Security Q&A
Secure the data—not the cloud
An information-centric approach helps overcome lingering questions about cloud security, says HP cloud security expert Ed Reynolds.
In depth
4 factors for stronger cloud security
Security practices for the cloud are still coming into their own, but CIOs and CISOs need to take action now to manage risk.
CIO insight
Cloud security comes first
HP’s Paul Muller talks to business/IT guru Gene Kim about the need for Security to be involved early in cloud adoption.

Security index

Percentage of companies citing unauthorized access or leaking of customer data as a primary concern regarding cloud services.1
Percentage increase in worldwide security software revenue (to $17.7 billion) in 2011.2
$763 million
Expected size of the Western European market for enterprise mobility management and security in 2015, following a 2010-2015 compound annual growth rate of 30%.3

One question

Q: Does an organization need a CISO to have adequate risk management and security?

A: Regardless of official job title, it's important to have top down leadership support for security or it just won't be a priority... which for many might require a CSO or CISO to accomplish that.

— Janice Paulson, compliance & security analyst at Hosting.com, via the SecBiz LinkedIn group

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