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Ny som QlikView användare - Community: Community: New to QlikView

Welcome to QlikView! Let's get started...

This video playlist walks through the initial setup of QlikView, loading a data set into the app, and building a couple of charts. Click the full-screen icon to view a larger version of the videos.
Welcome to QlikView! We've collected the following resources together to help out our new users, whether you are a new QlikView customer, partner, or are using QlikView Desktop with a Personal Edition license. Feel free to explore these resources, or navigate the rest of QlikCommunity, where you’ll find more details about our software and the people who use it. Thanks for stopping by, and please let us know if you have any additional questions by creating a new discussion in this community!
If you haven’t already done so, here’s how to get started!

Featured Resources

New to QlikView Discussion Forum

If you have questions about getting started with QlikView, including scripting, building applications, design and layout or would like to share your experiences, you can discuss them in the this forum with QlikCommunity members dedicated to helping new users get started.

QlikView Sample Files

Visit the New to QlikView’s QlikViews section to download sample QlikView files, tutorials,and useful/interesting/fun submissions from other QlikView users. (NOTE: These files have been modified to work with the Personal Edition license).

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