onsdag 5 december 2012

Mobile Applications over Wi-Fi | Aruba Networks

Mobile Applications over Wi-Fi | Aruba Networks - 802.11ac ready by 2015

The best mobile application experience over wireless
7200Forty mobile apps are on every smartphone. 310 billion mobile app downloads are expected by 20161, and 70% of smartphones will be 802.11ac -ready by 20152. Networks must contend with increasing numbers of faster devices and applications. IT organizations that adopt BYOD will require stronger security and guaranteed mobile app performance on a diverse set of endpoints.

Aruba delivers the best-performing wireless LAN solution for mobile application performance – one that ensures the best application experience at gigabit Wi-Fi speeds.
Designed exclusively to bring application awareness to Wi-Fi, the next-generation Aruba WLAN solution recognizes cloud-based and mobile applications, provides visibility that enables IT to prioritize mobile apps for each user, and scales for BYOD transaction and device density.
1 Gartner. 2 ABI.

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