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Usage Monitoring - Technology Uncensored

Usage Monitoring - Technology Uncensored


  • Usage Monitoring – Voice, messaging, data detail records are audited against security requirements, cost management, or corporate compliance. Our software can also help you identify longest calls, most expensive calls, or other exceptional calling behavior that may require your attention.
  • Invoice Validation – Automatically compare invoice charges against user-defined thresholds, contracted pricing, charges currently in dispute, and other criteria designed to protect you from billing errors and overcharges.
  • Contract Management – Contract management terms can alert you to off-contract product or service orders so you can address the problem and secure the contract terms and conditions to which you are entitled. Contract management solutions also allow you to prepare for renewal, negotiation, or termination of services.
  • Expense/Performance Management – Removes management by exception and replaces it with the ideal of Preventative Maintenance helping you focus on strategic issues that yield greater long-term value.
    • Analyze usage and spending patterns at various levels of the organization. Exceptionally high spend by individuals or departments may indicate inappropriate usage, mismatched wireless plans, or other problems that might otherwise be difficult to identify.
    • Monthly, Quarterly, Seasonal or Annual historical trends provide future projections of usage, spend, contract commitments and vendor performance. Exceptions in this context can indicate problems with policies, plans, or sourcing strategies that are only apparent over time.

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