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Features |

Features |

Synchronization with Mobile Devices

The ActiveSync option allows you to synchronize all your emails, contacts, events and tasks from to your mobile device. This works with all devices that support ActiveSync, such as Android, iPhone or Blackberry Z10. You can also decide what folders will be synchronized to your device. Alternatively, you can also use CalDAV and CardDAV capable clients to synchronize your data.

Free/Busy Information for Planning

The appointment planning interface of allows you to see whether the participants of your events are free or busy without revealing any information what they are doing during these times. This allows you to comfortably schedule appointments and ensure that everybody is able to participate.

Invitations for Appointments

You can add participants to your events and invite them all with one click. They will get an invitation and if they accept it, the appointment will be automatically added to their calendar. You will be updated about the status of the events' participants and they will be notified about changes to the appointment.

Threaded Mailview

The webclient of allows you to customize how you view your email. It supports conversation threads that are especially useful to follow large email conversations or mailing lists. You can mark messages as important or set their read status easily.

Server-side Mail Filtering

Freely define the criteria for emails to be filtered into different mail folders. The filtering will happen on the server right after the mail is received. This way your emails are exactly the same on all devices. You can create filters to forward, delete, redirect and flag mail. You can automatically send copies of certain mails to other people or flag messages as read or important. Experienced users can edit the filters as SIEVE scripts directly.

Multiple Calendar Folders

Organize your appointments in different separate folders. Share folders with colleagues or family. Change with one click which calendar folders should be displayed in your calendar and which ones shouldn't. This enables you do handle the ever growing amount of events in your life with ease.

Different Calendar Views

View your calendars by day, week, or month. Alternatively, activate the handy agenda view that always tells you which appointments come up next together with the color of the folder the event comes from. When you search for events, only results are displayed and can be seen in all different calendar views by switching between them.

Task Management gives you a ToDo list on steroids. You can create tasks, set their due date with reminders. Create sub tasks and drag them around and drop them where you want them to be. Flag tasks as important or set the degree of completion. As with everything in, you can share you tasks with others and even let them create tasks for you.

File Storage

Storing your files with is very easy. Just click the upload button and your files are save in our cloud accessible from everywhere (with internet connection). You can also attach files directly to emails without uploading them again. Viewing documents, images and videos right in your browser is also supported.

Native File Integration

You can access your File Storage directly from within your computer as if the files are on your own hard drive. Just add or mount your storage as a WebDAV drive.
We have dedicated instructions for users of Mac OS X on how to set this up.
For Windows, there is many good instructions available in the internet.
Users of GNU/Linux find help in the Ubuntu Wiki.

Customizable Webclient

There is hundreds of settings that allow you to customize the webclient. You can change the user interface in many details including the language and set up different identities. Change how mail boxes are displayed or how the calendar should like like. You define the options for composing new messages. set up maintenance tasks and much more.

Native Desktop Client for All Platforms

The Kolab Client runs on all modern operating systems such as Linux, Windows and MacOS. It is a powerful and full featured groupware client supporting different applications such as Mail, Address Books, Calendars, ToDo Management, Journals, Notes and offers many detailed features for each of them. It is based on KDE Kontact and uses the Qt Technology to be fully portable.

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